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December 11, 2016 – September 3, 2017
Contemporary works by seven first generation Ukrainian American artists
Exhibiting Artists: Luba Drozd, Adriana Farmiga, Maya Hayuk, Roman Hrab, Yuri Masnyj, Christina Shmigel, Marko Shuhan
("CIM" in Ukrainian means "seven;" pronounced "seam")

Carpathian Echoes: Textile Materials and Technology in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania and Ukraine
October 9, 2016 – March 12, 2017
Carpathian Echoes comprises common textile materials and technologies that were characteristic of the Carpathian Mountains in both Romania and Ukraine during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The exhibition features several complete costumes, both women's and men's, as well as more than forty individual objects representative of the two neighboring cultures demonstrating the rich, colorful, and sophisticated textiles from the mountain region.

Revolution of Dignity. Art Exhibit: Images from Ukraine's Maidan, 2013–2014
February 15 – March 26, 2017
The Maidan protests in the winter of 2013–2014 spurred an enormous outpouring of creative expression among participants and supporters, within Ukraine and across the global community: from visual art to musical productions, from performances to poetry. These creative works invoked the joys and the horrors of protest and inspired the current exhibition, which is presenting visual art from the following Kyiv artists throughout the US and Ukraine: Julia Beliaeva, Gleb Vysheslavskyy, Anton Hauk, Olena Golub, Marianna Honcharenko, Andriy Yermolenko, Nick Zavilinskyi, Marian Luniv, Olexa Mann, Roman Mykhailiuk, Anastasia Nekypila, Maria Pavlenko, Ivan Semesyuk, Andrey Sidorenko, Tetiana Rusetska, Irena Khovanets, and Oksana Chepelyk.

Life in Wood
Selections of everyday and decorative objects made of wood from the Museum's permanent collection.


Traditional headdresses from the Borshchiv region of Ukraine





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